Brand/ Authenticity

This past week my mind has been slowly processing the joys of having a good sound brand. This comes after I stopped working for a traditional employer (where the brand was all over the place in my opinion), and rather partnered with a young tech youtube channel, TashTech, whilst focusing more of my energy on […]

Jumping off the “Job” Cliff

A strange melancholic trust has settled over me. Today was the day that I resigned from a “job.” When I say resigned from a “job” I mean the actual concept. In my frame of reference this is the standard, hegemonic path that many adults follow to make an income to cover expenses that include but […]

Be a warrior, not a worrier

A few weeks ago I attended a workshop on how to publish a book, which was lead by the dynamic Melanie Brummer. During this workshop she shared her story and said: you have to filter the things out of your life that does not serve your purpose. She explains how a mentor of hers has […]